NMBS leaves travellers in the cold at dark border station

EUX.TV journalist Raymond Frenken asks the conductor on a Belgian train to explain why this train from Brussels does not finish its journey to Maastricht.

Travelling from Brussels back to Maastricht, the conductor tells passengers the train will make its final stop in Vise, and will not go to Maastricht. But he fails to explain why.

About a dozen passengers are left stranded. Taxidrivers at Vise station refuse to take people to Maastricht, several people cross the track and try fruitlessly to hitchhike in the dark on the nearby A2/E25 motorway.

The Walloon conductor of the train fails to give a proper explanation and blows up in anger when asked by passengers to explain why the train does not continue.

He blames it on the Dutch railways. Strangely enough, the delays of this train were caused in Brussels and were caught up while travelling on the high-speed track between Brussels and Liege. Still, the NMBS decided to let the train not make the border crossing.

This is not a one-time incident but it apparently happens several times a day. So when you travel by train between Maastricht and Brussels, be warned!


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  1. Erik

    This is a disgrace. I can testify that it is not out of the ordinary that the train between Liege and Maastricht simply doesn’t go for hours in a row. I have already missed appointments because of it.